Anybody have a stuffy nose, cough, or congestion?  A few weeks ago you were feeling fine.  So, what happened?!  As of this writing we are transitioning from Winter to Spring. Winter is a time that engages many of us in a more sedentary lifestyle.  Confronted by mild-to-severe cold combined with ice, and snow, how nice it is to relax on the couch with a cup of hot coco!   Winter is a time when fluids increase in our bodies. Those fluids insulate us from the severity of the outside cold for evolutional survival and comfort.

Come Spring, and the Winter Party is over.  Those same fluids that kept us warm and safe are now annoying and possibly even debilitating in the form of respiratory congestion and inflammation.  On top of that, is our human nature to throw caution to the warmer winds.  It feels so good!  Still, our bodies get “confused,” as the achievement of metabolic balance seems so elusive. In our revitalized focus to get things done, schedules become less consistent against a backdrop of seasonal demands from multiple directions. The stress of it all throws us into a state of imbalance, and we are set up for illness in a desperate attempt to right ourselves.

Like changing the oil and fluids in your car to rid it of the gunk, our bodies are no less in need of a fluid cleanse.  Through the lens of Ayurveda, we understand the principle of opposites.  So, in order to manage excess fluid, and in order to enjoy a recalibrated metabolic balance with our journey into Spring, our diets need to embrace food and herbs that are drying and cooling.  Increase your consumption of bitter, astringent, and pungent foods.  Adding more greens to the diet, like dandelion, spinach, leak, and kale can be very helpful. Turmeric is a wonderous spice that reduces inflammation, while root vegetables clean the liver.  While you are at it, reduce your intake of dairy products.  Also, consider consulting your doctor about increasing your exercise regimen.    In addition, consider sipping warm water with lemon throughout the day. These are just a few things for your path to good health.

You have so much to offer the world, but it is not easy when you are “under the weather.”  The following link at my website: is the best way to connect as we explore the path to your good health in a complimentary discovery session.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Namaste. Shalom. Peace

Leelah Eisenberg

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