When I was a kid, whether I was playing baseball or performing a musical recital, I was coached: Put your HEART into it!   Old songs like “Heart of my Heart” or “You Gotta Have Heart” present the heart as the harbinger of emotion and memory and the true source of brain power.   Could it be that the heart really does generate a healing intelligence that actually informs the brain rather than vice versa? There is compelling research that suggests this, and HeartMath has made this happen!

It is all about the rhythm of the heartbeat, known in clinical parlance as Heart Rate Variability (HRV). With the HeartMath sensor you will see a moving wave with a rough or smooth HRV form that displays on your phone or computer. The smoother the wave, the more coherent you are.  The more coherent, the greater the synchrony between your heart and brain, and the greater the synchrony, the greater will be your body’s ability to assist in its own healing.  The concept of the mind-body connection is ancient, but the scientific appreciation of its efficacy may have only started about thirty years ago with research at the HeartMath Institute.

As the HeartMath Guides states: You will learn skills for stress management, controlling excess physiological arousal, mediating unhelpful thought patterns, and utilizing positive emotional states to achieve a balanced state of mind, body, and emotions. Backed by more than 300 research studies and many thousands of clients over the years, HeartMath offers hope in a global pandemic of fear and dis-ease.  It is possible that you will not only bring healing to yourself, but also to others who are fortunate to be near you. It is your first step to take!

 Together with my wife Leelah – also a certified HeartMath professional – and partner/soulmate for 43 years, we engage the wonderful tools of HeartMath to empower our clients to create their own healing journey.  The HeartMath technology synchronizes breathing and cognition with emotional wisdom.  This is the wisdom and the power of the Heart.  Leelah and I are here to help you to answer the call of your inner voice, to embrace your greatest strengths, and to become focused, aware, and unafraid to take your first steps toward your true self!

Take your first step by visiting LeelahEisenberg.com or clicking on the link below.  Peace and Good Health.  Namaste.

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