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The world is out of balance, but it does not have to be that way.  Our brilliant minds and bodies have the power to overcome anything – even the coronavirus!  It may appear daunting, but I believe our inner wisdom preserves and supports our good health despite this invisible world-wide adversary.  It’s all about balance!

Try standing on one foot for thirty seconds without holding on to anything, and see what happens.  Still standing? Try two minutes.  If you are still standing on one foot without assistance, your doshas are in balance.  Ayurvedic medicine presents states of beings referred to as Doshas: Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. Everyone possesses varying degrees of each, while one or two of these reigns as the dominant constitution.   The amazing truth is that good balance is the key to good health, but it is not all about standing on one foot! Since we are all unique individuals, our lifestyles and our food choices will either create or disrupt our bodies’ dynamic relationship with itself and with our environment. If this sounds a little confusing, please read on, and I’ll explain:

Why do some people love the cold and damp winter and others hate it?  Explain why for some, summertime is a season of paradise, and for others, it is hellacious!  And, while many bask in the cool breezes of spring and autumn, others are blown away, both cognitively and emotionally. The wisdom of Ayurveda brings us into balance.  It is not only about a diet or a quick-fix solution—which is always the more popular approach in this fast-moving world of instant gratification—but a lifestyle overhaul.

 Everyone seeks balance. A healthy life is a balanced life. How we create this balance has everything to do with how we are cognitively, emotionally, and metabolically wired.  And, Ayurveda refers to our individualized wiring as our dosha – our constitution. Each dosha is represented by metaphoric elements of nature.  The first is Pitta, represented by the element of fire.  A Pitta Person, by nature is very focused and physically strong.  But, he/she may also have a temper, especially when facing a deadline.  In the hot summer the challenge is even greater. Pitta people need to chill!  They really need to cool down.  Seasonal fruits and vegetables will go a long way to getting this done. Pitta People may experience sensitive or overheated skin. Try using a cooling or neutral oil such as olive, sunflower, coconut, castor, or ghee (clarified butter).

The next dosha, vata, is represented by the elements of wind and dryness. By nature, a vata person is a visionary but may be frustrated by multitasking.  He/she may be very thin, even a little wiry. Vata problems may be manifested by feeling overwhelmed. Vata people may feel more irritable in the spring and fall as the wind in the trees relentlessly reflect the uneasy feeling of inner change and instability.  And, the summer heat may be their best friend! Balancing Vata will require foods that are oily and heavy to balance the dryness and the internal winds of change. Consider applying a warm, heavy oil such as sesame, almond, avocado, or bhringaraj.

The third dosha is called Kapha, represented by the element of water.  Kapha people may be a little overweight, but ironically, the weight actually looks good on them!  By nature, they are solid and stable.  Change in routine, however, may be more stressful.  They may move more slowly and deliberately, with more of their attention on process and less on execution.  Their greatest seasonal balance comes in the fall as the blowing winds contrast their slower, pondering nature. Then, the cold and dampness of winter can inspire the Kapha and Pitta persons to rejuvinate!  The person with excess Kapha seeks relief of heaviness, If you feel sluggish or lethargic – maybe a little brain fog –  or perhaps that constipation makes you feel like you should have sat a bit longer. If any of these conditions are true for you, then a Kapha imbalance should be suspected.

How do I know which dosha imbalance applies to me? Only if I stop, breathe, and focus on the wisdom of my body can I possibly know.  Am I prepared to hear my body’s message? What if it tells me something I do not want to hear, because change can feel so uncomfortable!  Then, I have to ask myself, “How badly do I really want to enjoy better health? The little voice in the “back of my head” needs to assume center stage! Is it the fire of Pitta, the wind and dryness of Vata, or the dampness of Kapha?  Listen to your body – it knows!  Positive changes in lifestyle and diet can can deliver relief by cooling the fire, moisturizing the dryness or drying the dampness.  Leelah can help you to balance your imbalance and reclaim your life.  Take your first step by visiting or clicking on the link below.  Peace and Good Health.  Namaste.

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