How much time do you spend watching the news on TV or your computer screen?  Covid-19 has dominated the airwaves, and if that isn’t bad enough, the apparent murder of George Floyd has brought violence and chaos to many communities. As a result, we have become incoherent with our heartfelt sense of being and with each other. Imagine a conversation between a business owner and a friend that goes something like this:

Don’t tell me how to do my job!  I’ve been doing this most of my life!  I went to school, I trained, and I learned way more by doing.  Experience counts for something!

Yes, but have you ever experienced a pandemic?  When was the last time that you had to do business while standing at least six feet apart from your customer?  A few months ago, you took care of several people at a time. Now, safety protocols require that you work with far fewer clients – What is that doing to your bottom line?!   Oh, and one more thing: How is that mask working out for you?!

It feels a little like “The Lone Ranger, when the good guy wore a mask – but I digress!  I hear what you’re saying, but I am certain that everyone will eventually calm down.  All this nonsense will be history, and we’ll all return to normal.

So, you’re saying that the best of who you are resides in your rear-view mirror…What about the road ahead – what do you see?  Today, the world is different than it was a few months ago – What do you see?!

Honestly, I’m too busy feeling depressed, angry, and confused, and I really do not see much – I cannot really see the road ahead.

When you open your heart, you will open your eyes.  I have a tool that will help you do just that. Let me help you.

When we let go of blinding fear and confusion, clarity happens.  Despite all of the noise that surrounds you, you can quiet your mind and draw your focus toward creative rebuilding. Destructive power only reigns in the rearview mirror.  Try this:

Breathe as if you were breathing from your heart. Imagine a time you felt love or gratitude and hold onto your thoughtful image. And do this for 5-10 minutes two-to-three times per day. You will not believe the changes that can happen in a very short time!

If there was a tool that could make this easy for you, would you be interested in learning more?  I work with some wonderful technology that has made this happen for me.  With its help, my eyes gaze toward next steps, and I am filled with a renewed sense of optimism.  The world may never again be like it was –In fact, it might even be better! If you are curious about what lies ahead, send me an email, and we will explore together. Your answers are resting in your heart!

Take your first step by visiting or clicking on the link below.  Peace and Good Health.  Namaste.

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