A couple of weeks ago the temperature was in the 100’s.  Here in Scottsdale, Arizona, it gets the hottest in the late afternoon. Any physical work, especially outdoors, must be done in the early morning as the heat becomes oppressive.  While our skin heats, sweats, and burns, internal digestion slows to a crawl. This is especially concerning because our digestive fire energizes our immune system, the major defense against diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other conditions of immune deficiency that rob us of vitality and longevity.  So, here is some good news: Despite the weather or the seasons, we are empowered to prevent and heal the damage to our bodies.

Wait, there is more! The seasons change, and with change, there is, on one hand, relief thanks to cooling temperatures along with gentle rains and breezes.  But, what if the rain and wind do not blow so gently?   – a monsoon for example.  Digestive fire may be further muted. What do we do or not do?  Eat less.  Drink less.  Eat more cooked vegetables than raw vegetables. And, reduce consumption of meat.  In other words, in hot and/or rainy weather, seek nourishment from sources that require less digestive fire.

Be happy!! For those of us who really love our meat and salad, take heart!  Winter will soon blanket the world with her cooling mantle, and with colder weather, dietary relief is on the way! In fact, you may feel hungrier at times.  A suggestion:  Before sitting down to an enormous feast, try drinking warm tea.  You could be dehydrated.  Still, enjoy your meat and salad and tea that gives you warmth and comfort.

One of my esteemed teachers, Amadea Morningstar, points out:

Remember opposites are healing in Ayurveda.  When dry and thirsty, you can enjoy moistening drinks. If hot, try cooler beverages.  If you’re feeling heavy, we suggest you consume something lighter.

 The healthiest habit we can acquire is tuning in to our own bodies and feelings. The cycles of nature and our biological rhythms become soulmates. When our food choices, exercise, and daily activities become aligned we create digestive harmony and good health and vitality.

You can enjoy improved health tuning in to your constitution and aligning what you eat and what you do with the changing seasons.  Guided by the age-old discipline of Ayurveda, the Science of Long Life, you will join intuitive wisdom with objective and validating scientific research.  Just enter your contact information for a free discovery session.to get started.



Namaste. Peace.  Shalom,

Leelah Eisenberg, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Herbalist


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