I hate change! I love french fries and potato chips.  And, call me a moron (actually I used to be a Balti-moron), but I really like sugar!  Oh, and ice cream, especially chocolate!! Vegetables were OK, as long as my sweet salad dressing drowned out the bitter taste.   Truth be told, I was addicted to carbohydrates – Yes, I was a Carb Addict!!!  My wake-up call resounded from a blood test that told me I was travelling a well-worn road on the way to Diabetes. The GPS offered simple instructions: Either turn off and discover a life of good health, longevity, and incredible possibilities, or stay comfortable in the arms of denial, enjoying the sweet taste of a fleeting moment.


First steps toward such positive change are the most difficult. Such a new version of our selves initially requires imagination.  Can you imagine what your life would be like if you felt more energetic?  What if there was a chance that you would not have to experience cancer or cardiovascular disease like others in your family did?  Life does not grant us guarantees, but at least you knew that you fought the good fight! By starting early, before symptoms present, you have a great chance of winning!  And, even if you are suffering now, there may still be opportunity to improve your health trajectory.


The next question to contemplate is: What is holding you back?  Only you can answer that question, and it may be that some time in the first few years of life, you were somehow taught that you are not worthy of the amazing blessings that can happen by embracing a new direction.  It takes belief in our worthiness, discipline, and commitment.  What is more, it takes a community of like-minded people who share a similar journey to offer encouragement and support.  W are all in this together!


As an Ayurvedic practitioner, I have learned that we have the choice to learn from the elements of nature.  Ayurveda teaches how these natural elements impact a person’s constitution, and how they integrally effect a person’s strengths and weaknesses.  Ayurveda expands the healing possibilities with customized healing options for each client.  Each day is taken one day at a time.  Each day becomes a day of mindfulness. Each day on the path toward healing leads to many more healthy tomorrows.


Why not begin your journey today?  Your first exploratory step is complimentary. Just let Leelah know that you are curious by leaving your contact information on this site, leelaheisenberg.com, and you can take your first step together. Just click the link below to begin with a free discovery session.  Namaste. Shalom. Peace.


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