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Arizona’s Foremost Ayurvedic Healer

I am posting this review because I have been blessed with a friendship with an amazing, authentic, gifted channel and miraculous healer, Leelah Eisenberg.  She is a brilliant and compassionate being of higher-dimensional love and light; a true source of healing and inspiration.  Leelah is a blessing to all who have the great opportunity to meet her and hear her truth and follow her step by step guidance.  

I have sent Leelah a long-time friend of mine, very knowledgable in the health and nutrition world.  However just one week of one-on-one guidance with Leelah she felt so much better, and after two weeks looks younger more vibrant And has a continuing unending source of energy and joy.  She is thrilled with her results.

Anyone who is serious about making positive changes in their overall well-being would benefit greatly for this most knowledgable gifted, intelligent, and masterful being who is ready to help if you are ready to heal.”

Leelah’s Ayurvedic Programs


Techniques from the Great Vedic Sages for long healthy life.
One session
Getting to know your unique constitution and your Unique road map for balancing your mind, body and spirit from the Vedic Sages in India.


Two wonder-filled sessions
Increase focus
Improve sleep
Reduce Anxiety and Stress
Learn simple, but profound meditation and breathing techniques to increase energy and well being
Reduce stress at home and on the job for improved performance and joy.


Three easy and fun coaching sessions
Discover the healing power of the right foods, herbs and spices to make your kitchen into a superfoods medicine cabinet.
Wouldn’t you love to Balance your body every day every time you eat?!


Self-care promoting self-love
Discover Abyanga
Learn what you can do everyday to build a calm and resilient body mind and spirit.
Remove blockages to success:
Four coaching sessions


For countless centuries, many different cultures have used this wonderful, versatile herb to treat a myriad of diseases and ailments. The most well-known medicinal action of turmeric is its use as a powerful anti-inflammatory, the effectiveness of which is comparable to pharmaceutical medicines. However, it also acts as an alternative analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-allergic, anti-oxidant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, cholagogue, digestive, diuretic and stimulant.

Mint clears all forms of stagnation – in the stomach, blood, gallbladder, lymph, lungs, and even emotions. It is used to clear mucus from the respiratory tract and open the sinuses. It soothes sore throats, and reduces eye redness. This ability to clear, along with its diaphoretic quality (releases heat via sweat), can alleviate early stages of fever and also bring rashes to a head for quicker healing. Applied topically as an antipruritic, peppermint alleviates itching as well.

Black pepper is an excellent spice for sparking the digestive fire. It promotes hydrochloric acid secretion inside the stomach which eases the digestion of the proteins and other food components. Secretion of digestive juices also helps with increase in appetite. Black pepper also has a cleansing effect on the intestine. Black pepper, when added to the food, not only makes it delicious but also helps make the nutrients present in the food more available and accessible to our body.

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About Ayurveda

With 28 years experience as a health care professional, and with a Masters Degree in Social Gerontology, Leelah Eisenberg became concerned for her own health as her father, her mother, and her brother all died prematurely. Leelah understood that she was probably genetically disposed to the same fate and felt compelled to find a better way. Her journey and her passion led her from being morbidly obese to a healthy 50 pound weight loss achieved through healthful, delicious, well prepared Ayurvedic meals and snacks. Her love for life became channeled into her study of Ayurveda because of its guidelines for a life of health and contentment.

What they say about Leelah

“I love the hands-on. You listen well to what I need.”

“Elizabeth (Leelah) Eisenberg has been working with nutrition and Wholistic lifestyle education for decades. She has a deep commitment to healing.”

Amadea Morningstar, Foremost Ayurvedic Nutritionist

“Leelah took great care to provide the material that best suited my needs. A master at personal customization with love!”
“I feel very nourished – body, mind, and soul – I have great ideas for nourishing myself at home and during the day.”
“Extremely helpful in understanding what I should use/eat and avoid to feel better. Excellent cookbook sources! Excited to try new recipes.”
“Great information today to help me with the beginning stages of peri-menopause and balancing out hormones.”
“Very compassionate, kind and knowledgeable – A+ – I’m very thrilled – You have an extraordinary way of presenting your knowledge and enthusiasm for offering support.”
“I feel relieved today – setting new goals and not really worrying about the weight-loss part of the diet.”

Leelah’s Unique Approach

Ayurveda embraces a variety of ancient principles of health as they are applied to healing. It considers not only metabolism, but also connections to seasons, in addition to environmental factors. It’s also about balancing in order to tune your inner wisdom about food.

It helps achieve optimal health through food choices, and can play a significant role in preventing illness through healthy vegetarian Ayurveda cooking, calling for eating the correct foods for each season, considering your metabolic constitution and the interactivity of seasonal and environmental factors.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that means “Science of Long Healthy Life”. It is a complete comprehensive healing system that creates order in nutritional chaos, leading to inner peace that is founded on emotional focus and clarity.

The optimal health often resulting from Ayurveda means effective stress management and achieving your ideal weight. In fact, if one of your goals is to lose weight, Ayurvedic cooking can prove highly effective in shedding unwanted fat effortlessly.

Ayurveda combines healthy eating, meditation, architectural design, and movement into a harmonious force for good.