Leelah’s Tips for Increasing your Resilience and Maximizing your Potential

  Level 1 – Focused and Balanced


Enjoy your balanced and relaxed state of mind that allows you to be present with family, work, and friends.  You confront problems as though they are puzzles to solve rather than as insurmountable walls.  Realizing your greatest potential is within your grasp as your mental and emotional clarity opens your portal to new and greater possibilities.

However, every day brings distractions and challenges to maintaining your low-stress state.  Despite the small stuff that inevitably redirects your attention, you will want to hold your goals in mind and continue your progress with attainable daily objectives.

Here are some tips:

Create a 5-10 minute routine of mindful meditation. Visualize the presence of people who are dear to you and embrace what they have taught you.  Next, visualize the presence of people who were difficult and frustrated you.  They are also your teachers.  How did you respond to them?  Is there anything you would change?  Breathe through your feelings.

  1. Develop a daily journal of your pre-and post-meditation.  Describe what you felt and the insights you experienced.
  2. In the evening, write a schedule for the next day and incorporate what you have learned.  Are you progressing toward realizing your goals?

 Level 2 – Occasional Anxiety

There is seldom a straight line between our present state and our vision of fulfillment.  Do you ever wonder, “The solution seems clear, so why don’t other people see what I see!?”  And, how about, “If only I could focus and work on one thing at a time?!”  But, for many of us, our Worlds do not work that way.  Family, work, and social agendas give our lives purpose but also create conflict.

Here are a few tips to lighten your stress load:

  1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, and at least one hour before going to bed, turn off your TV, phone, and computer.
  2. Throughout your day drink relaxing teas with such ingredients as:


  1. TV and movie star, Dick Van Dyke said it best: “You’ve just got to keep moving!” Walk, exercise, do yoga, Dance! It is all good.
  2. Incorporate the three Tips of Level 1

 Level 3 – High Anxiety

You may be feeling overloaded with conflicting agendas and too many demands to manage on your own.  Maybe you possess the noble intention of pleasing everyone while your efforts are depleting you. It is time to take time for yourself! 

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Create a food diary. Studies have shown that anxiety and depression may begin in the gut.
  2. Dedicate at least 10 minutes of Quiet Time for yourself two-three times daily. Focus only on your breath.  Everything else can wait.  This time is reserved exclusively for you.
  3. Slowly integrate the tips listed under Levels 1 & 2