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Your blood test charts your body’s roadmap, and the resonating message is:  Balance is everything! And, no one thing, by itself, creates balance.  We want our blood sugar level to remain in a range safely below the threshold of diabetes.  At the same time we try valiantly to keep the A1c marker in check to assuage any worry of internal inflammation and insulin resistance.  It is not enough to keep overall cholesterol levels in check.  Keep LDL’s lower (Low Density Lipids) and HDL’s (High Density Lipids) higher. 

Everything we evaluate, from lipids to electrolytes, is tested by their persistence within the biological schema.  Sometimes we do not need a blood test to tell us something is not quite right.  Emotional anxiety can be a clue. Swelling and pain in the joints might actually be a blessing when we are made aware of internal problems.  But often, the internal pathological process progresses silently, and only the results of a blood test offers clues to what’s going on “under the hood.”

I have heard it said that the key to any solution resides in how well we can define and understand the problem.  So, let’s say that being out of balance is the problem.  But, balance is a funny thing.  Try standing on one foot.  Some people can stand like a stork for several minutes.  However, if you are like me, you will need something to grab onto after several seconds! When our body’s chemistry is out of balance, natural defenses attempt a rescue. 

But, these very defense mechanisms may actually sabotage the healing mission of our body.  This is where healing herbs can become vital to rebalancing the body’s chemistry while producing a relieving balm to the pain of inflammation.  Not everyone creates their own chemical balance in the same way.  Healing is customized according to the chemistry and the constitution of the individual.  Herein lies the nexus that joins Ayurvedic Medicine with Herbal Medicine: Ayurvedic Medicine provides your individualized roadmap, and Herbal Medicine provides essential tools to apply according to your individual healing needs. Sometimes partnered with the guidance of your integrative physician, and results can be amazing!

So, balance requires two hands:  On the one hand, you want your blood sugar levels to be normal, and on the other hand…(you fill in the blank!)   If you have any problem with filling in the blank, I would love to help.  I invite you to schedule a complimentary discovery session with me, and we will explore together.  Just click on the link below, and fill out your contact information. 


To your good health,

Leelah Eisenberg

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