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So, what is the big deal about herbal remedies for what ails you?  Herbal remedies have been sought since antiquity.  Besides, if it comes from a plant and it doesn’t kill you, it must be good for you!  Ah, if it were only so simple.  The fact is, herbal solutions to dis-ease are as distinctive as pharmaceuticals.  Just as pills are prescribed for certain physical and/or mental conditions, herbs are prescribed to address targeted ailments by girding the immune system for successful engagement with such impediments as inflammation, unbalanced blood sugar, and indigestion.  Maybe it sounds a little over-simplified, but just these three conditions, taken to extreme, can be foundational for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. And, indeed, there are herbs that can help!

Not all herbs are created equally.  Here are some questions we need to ask:

  1. Do my herbs come from a reliable source?
  2.  Did I get the right herbs for my needs?
  3. Were my herbs harvested when the health-giving properties were at their peak?
  4. How old are these herbs?
  5. What part of the herb?  Know which part, i.e. the stem, leaf, or flower?  Being certain that the most vital parts of your herbs were harvested can be critical!

Here is some good news and some not-so-good news.  First the not-so-good news: Herbs do not work as fast as the pill prescribed by your doctor.  Most of the time, that pill is designed to relieve symptoms or to temporarily alter the body chemistry.  Pills must be taken regularly to maintain optimum chemistry.  And now the good news: Herbs may work more slowly, but taken over time, they can help to reset your body’s ability to fight dis-ease with long-lasting health benefits.  It is good to remember that whole herbs are like food.  What is more, there is no dependency, and they deliver 1 thousand times the beneficial microbes. 

Treating with herbs also requires us to tune in to the moment-to-moment messages from our bodies.  What if we don’t feel well while taking herbs?  Here some questions to explore:

  1. Am I taking the herb as directed?  Herbs can come directly from the plant or one can even take the powder from a capsule.
    1. However I procure the herb, am I accurately following dosage and preparation instructions?
    1. Most herbs should be taken 15-20 minutes after the meal
  2. Has my routine changed?
  3. Am I drinking enough water?
  4. How long have I been taking the herb?  Some herbs require taking for at least two weeks before effects will be noticed.
  5. If the effects are too strong, discuss this with your herbalist.  You will probably need to reduce the dosage and possibly take with your meal.
  6. Reactions are uncommon with whole herbs from a reputable supplier.  If you do have a reaction, stop taking the herb and call your doctor. 
  • Doctors and pharmacists guide us to ensure that we are taking the right medicine for the right reasons and no medicine should be changed or terminated without the consent and supervision of your physician.  This may especially be the case for pregnant or nursing women.

Many of us have been conditioned to make self-care a last priority, bested by the demands of family and work.  Yet paradoxically, we take much better care of others when we take care of ourselves.  This challenges us to become proactive in creating long-lasting vitality even before symptoms present.  This is called Wellness! 

Here is the challenge:  Having information, then turning it into a daily practice of healing can be daunting. I will teach you and coach you to become healthier and more vital. So many answers to your health concerns lie in diet and lifestyle.  Just enter your contact information by visiting my website at www.LeelahEisenberg.com for a complimentary Discovery session.  You can also click on the link below.  May 2019 be a year of good health, joy, and prosperity for you and all you hold dear.

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