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Sometimes the answers really are Blowing in the Wind.  Bob Dylan’s classic song of the early 1960’s became enigmatic of a generation that questioned the status quo.  My parents’ generation penned “The Greatest Generation,” had fought and died in WW11.  Some were soldiers in the armed forces, and some were survivors of the Nazi concentration camps. In America, many Asians were held in detention camps.  Even in the American Forces, units were segregated.  We have come a long way in 70 years, and the times are still a-changing! 

Times change because people change.  And people change to adapt to evolving physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and financial demands.  The journey of humanity is pegged on our increasing or decreasing awareness of who we are and who we want to become.  We focus long and hard on how we would change the world.  However, we get stuck in paradigms with labels like Right Wing/Left Wing, Republican/Democrat, Christian/Muslim/Jew, Black/White.  Our judgmental focus is mostly outward as the voices in our heads might declare: “How can they think that way?!  Why would she do that?!  Is he crazy?!  Why can’t those people see the Truth?!

For many, a new wind is blowing, and it is not the wind that sways trees in a storm.  My wind is an emotional wind that may blow, at times, with hurricane strength or in insightful moments, with a barely perceptible stillness.  I can either allow the winds within me to blow me hither and beyond, or I can choose to master and harness that energy and make it a force for clarity, focus, and healing.

In the face of chaos, seek stillness.  We recently emerged from Autumn, the windiest season.  Unchecked, those outer winds can ignite a storm within us, sometimes manifested by sinus congestion, and even heart attacks and cancer.  Too much wind can cause confusion and distraction, causing us to lose precious time with do-overs, to compromise relationships with angry retorts, and even leading to an increased number of automobile accidents. 

Alas, we have no control over the weather outside, but simple changes to our diet and lifestyle can calm the storm within.  For instance, adding some healthy oils from such sources as flax, fish, or hemp has been helpful to many clients.  Try creating a scheduled routine. And, meditation will absolutely soothe the savage breast!

Winter brings more change with colder winds and more humidity. Now, not only are we tasked with balancing wind, water must be added to the list as well.  If it is wet on the outside, we must balance with a diet of vegetable and grains that encourage a dryer biological core. 

We have the power to make major changes for the good, but only from the inside out.  Yes, I  know that can be uncomfortable, especially when we expose ourselves to our fragile vulnerabilities. But, imagine if we could let them go! 

So, here is the challenge:  Having information, then turning it into a daily practice of healing can be daunting.  I will teach you and coach you to become healthier and more vital by designing your customized journey through healing.  Just enter your contact information, and I will contact you to set up a complimentary discovery session.

To your good health!


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