Last week I wrote ”The Challenge of Change.”  But, what happens when habit becomes compulsion?  The power to choose becomes compromised by the rewarding flood of dopamine that comforts an anxious or depressed mind with a brief sense of satisfaction and well-being.  After a short time it wears off, and we crave more sugar, more salt, and more fat – the three most addictive culprits in our diet.

Recently, a webinar presenter asked, “What would unlimited wealth mean to you?” My immediate response was, “Total freedom!”  But later, as I contemplated my answer, I had an epiphany: To some degree great wealth may remove some outer constraints (and maybe not!).  But, what about our inner constraints?  For many of us. anxiety and depression are briefly quieted by satisfying food cravings and/or other compulsory behaviors. Once our cravings and other addictive behaviors are repeated a few times they become elevated to “Habit,”  And, once they become habituated, they slowly assume their place in our identity, leading to feelings of shame, guilt, and feeling powerless to change.

The Truth is, we do have the power to bring positive change into our lives.  We do not have to feel shackled to beliefs and scripts born in our early formative years, no matter how good they make us feel in this moment – no matter how enticing is the sand that invites us to bury our worried heads.  Yes, it would be more relaxing to be an ostrich, but there are good reasons why an ostrich cannot fly!

I can lose weight!  I can choose to map out a personal path to good health!  I possess the power to choose, and I do not need great wealth to make that happen. We hear inspirational stories of how people from the depths of poverty have discovered their wings. And, when they fly, they give rise to all who discover their story.  The bottom-line question: Do my choices control me, or do I control my choices? Am I ready to fly?!

The amazing reality is that the elements of change are not that complicated.  They are synchronous with the ebb and flow of the elements of nature: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire.  I am referring to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda: The Science of Long Life. Couched in this age-old discipline is the joining of intuitive wisdom with objective and validating scientific research.  Why not share your story by contacting Leelah for a free discovery session.  Just enter your contact information to get started.


Namaste. Peace.  Shalom,

Leelah Eisenberg

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