To my Dear Friends:

It was great to have met you, and I hope you are doing well and feeling well.  And, if you are, Congratulations!  You have achieved the health and vigor that most of us only dream about.  What are your secrets?  Are you listening carefully to the nutritional messages of your body and responding with the food and healing herbs that are especially right for you?  Are you exercising regularly?  Are you proactively implementing a routine of self-care designed specifically for you?  And, do you regularly study the ongoing scientific research to ensure that you remain on track for a long healthy life?  If you are, I would love to compare notes with you!

My journey into good health has been long, difficult, and more rewarding than I could have imagined.  My mother and father were among the few survivors of the Holocaust of WW11.  Life in the concentration camps ravaged their emaciated bodies with tuberculosis.  Thanks to the kindness of strangers they gradually rehabilitated in a Swedish refugee camp where they found each other and married.  Finally, they emigrated to America and made a home for themselves in the South side of Chicago, IL.  Even though they seemed OK physically, the emotional scars were deep and continued to fester.

I was the second of three children.  My brother, Frank, was two years older than me, and Linda was born about nine years later.  Dad worked day and night in the trucking business, and Mom stayed home and took care of us in our tiny community of Holocaust survivors. All we cared about was “just getting by.”  Proactively caring for our health was never a consideration.

Dad died at the age of 56, Mom died at the age of 62, and Frank died at the age of 56.  All three died of pancreatic cancer. As I mourned the loss of my family, the dread of the same thing happening to me became overwhelming.  I have children and a husband, and I prayed for a future together.  For years I took care of people as an occupational therapist, and a lot of good came from countless interactions with older adults, younger adults, and children.  But it never felt like it was enough, because my quest to bring real healing to others had to begin with myself.

My quest led me to Ayurveda: The Science of Long Life, and I trained to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner. I pursued further training to earn my Herbalist Certification.  My new vision led to the resolution of thyroid and fibromyalgia issues in myself. Then it led me to facilitate healing in many others.  My clients have experienced reduced inflammation and have eliminated arthritic pain.  They have enjoyed weight loss and increased energy throughout their day. They report being able to think more clearly with less anxiety and distraction.

So, when was the last time you made your own good health your #1 priority?!  There is no question, the first couple of steps toward change are difficult.  Only you can decide if it is worth it. My husband and I now have two granddaughters, and based on our current health trajectory, we expect to see them become amazing women.  Will a long healthy life make a difference for you and your family?  You decide!

Why not begin your journey today?  Your first exploratory step is complimentary. Just let Leelah know that you are curious by leaving your contact information on this site,, and you can take your first step together. Just click the link below to begin with a free discovery session.  Namaste. Shalom. Peace.


Leelah Eisenberg

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