Who am I? Where am I? What am I?  And, if not now, when?  Have you ever paused for a momentary reflection? Are you analytical, requiring all facts discovered and possibilities to be considered and organized before decision and action?  Or, maybe you vacillate between decision and indecision or feel overwhelmed by too many demands or “too much information”?  Or, maybe you would rather act first and ask questions later: “Ready, Fire, Aim!”   These scenarios may describe you a little or a lot or not at all.  And, here is the kicker:  How you think and how you respond to life’s challenges can reveal clues to your physical dis-ease and concomitant possibilities for healing and reclaiming your life.

The healing solutions of Ayurvedic medicine are very simple.  Yet, they are guided by a profound attentiveness to an internal cry for help, too often masked by a trifecta of the demands of work, the needs of family, and the sensory limits imposed by ego, historical expectations, and behavioral conditioning.

Ayurvedic medicine embraces modalities like herbal remedies, dietary and lifestyle changes, meditation, self-care massages, yoga, and more.  It can link your physical self with your spiritual self so that healing can occur in a natural and comfortable way.  There is no one-size-fits-all.  We all differ in areas like body-type, digestive issues, and personality. And, so long as we lead our lives in legal and ethical ways, our family, our friends, and society will accept us and encourage us to stay as we are.

But, what if a very small, almost imperceptible inner voice is vying for our attention, challenging us with the prospect of positive change.  Even if these changes will enhance life, or even save it, they can be daunting.  Life gets too busy.  Yet, the inner plea is simple: “Choose Life!”  Is it time to respond? Contact Leelah.  If not now, when?

Why not begin your journey today?  Your first exploratory step is complimentary. Just let Leelah know that you are curious by leaving your contact information on this site, leelaheisenberg.com, and you can take your first step together. Just click the link below to begin with a free discovery session.  Namaste. Shalom. Peace.


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